The Guthrie County Conservation Board (GCCB) offers a wide variety of hunting opportunities for the public. Woodlands, prairies, wetlands, and river valleys totaling hundreds of acres await those who wish to hunt in Guthrie County.

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The GCCB office, located in Panora, Iowa, has several helpful brochures with hunting regulations and license instructions. However, for a complete list of all hunting regulations, please contact the DNR Central Office in Des Moines or see the DNR's "Hunting Information" online.


You may purchase a hunting license at the GCCB office (please call in advance, 641.755.3061), Sparky's Gas Station in Guthrie Center, and the Guthrie County Courthouse in Guthrie Center. You can now purchase your license online, too.


The GCCB offers several Hunter Safety Courses throughout the year. For specific courses, dates, and times, please contact the GCCB.

                 July:  Basic GCCB Hunter Safety

Have more questions about hunting in Guthrie County? Please contact the GCCB at 641.755.3061 for more information.

SE Robinson Area

Seely Creek Timber

Monteith Wildlife Area

Bennie Hall Wildlife Area

S.E. ROBINSON WILDLIFE AREA:  S.E. Robinson is a 110-acre wildlife area located along the Middle Raccoon River 5.5 miles southeast of Panora. The wildlife area is primarily used for public hunting with excellent habitat for deer, turkeys, squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, pheasants, and quail. S.E.Robinson is also a nice area for hikers and birdwatchers.

SEELY CREEK TIMBER:  Seely Creek Timber consists of 187 acres of rolling oak-hickory timber. It is located 6 miles west & 1 mile south of Guthrie Center.  Seely Creek Timber is land-locked so permission must be acquired to get access to the area. The area offers excellent deer, turkey, and squirrel hunting.

MONTEITH WILDLIFE AREA:  Monteith Wildlife Area consists of 240 acres and is located 3.5 miles south and one mile east of Guthrie Center. The Monteith Wildlife Area is a public hunting area with excellent habitat for upland game species, whitetail deer, and wild turkey.

BENNIE HALL WILDLIFE AREA:  The 220-acre area lies adjacent to existing public land and created a 517-acre wildlife habitat complex.  The area’s primary use will be to serve as a wildlife habitat for game and non-game species.  Hunting, fishing, bird watching, hiking, canoeing, and kayaking will be the primary activities in the area. 

Elk Grove Area

Lenon Mill Wildlife Area

Bays Branch Wildlife Area

Lakin Slough

McCord Pond

Marlowe Ray Wildlife Area

ELK GROVE WILDLIFE AREA:  This 1600-acre wildlife area is located in northwest Guthrie County. The area consists primarily of timber and is excellent for deer and turkey hunting.

LENON MILL WILDLIFE AREA:  This 1236-acre complex is south of Panora on the Middle Raccoon River. (Lenon Mill 351 ac., South CEICO Tract 537 ac., Trent Tract 238 ac., and Donahey Tract 110 ac.

BAYS BRANCH WILDLIFE AREA:  This 990-acre state wildlife area (includes Winter 160 ac. & Cox Tracts 40 ac.) offers excellent waterfowl and upland bird hunting and viewing. The area is located 2 miles north and 2 miles east of Panora.

LAKIN SLOUGH:  This 345-acre state wildlife area is located 2 miles east of Yale. The cattail marsh is used primarily by waterfowl hunters.

MCCORD POND:  McCord Pond is located 2 miles southwest of Bayard and contains 112 acres of wetland and upland habitat primarily used for hunting.

MARLOWE RAY WILDLIFE AREA:  This state wildlife area is located 6 miles south-east of Panora along the Middle Raccoon River. The heavily-timbered area totals 187 acres and is a public hunting area. It adjoins S.E. Robinson Wildlife area.

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